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Eileen Howe
Executive Assistant
Colorado Springs Veterans' Day Parade (719) 282-3862



Thanks to the
2010 Parade Board



Mr. Roger Ehrke, President
CSM (Ret); USA
Mrs. Bev Harms,
Marching Band Coordinator
Mrs. Cheryle Ehrke
Mr. John D. Lamerson, Vice President; MSG (Ret) USA
Mr. Paul M. Ceciliani
CMSgt (Ret); USAF
Mr. Kevin Estrem
CMSgt (Ret); USAF
Ms. Eileen S. Howe,
Executive Assistant
Mr. Ronald Kriete
CMSgt (ret); USAF
Mr. Daniel O’Connell
CMSgt (Ret); USAF
Mrs. Diana D. Ceciliani, Secretary
CMSgt (Ret); USAF

Mr. Jack Artman
Capt (Ret); USAF

Mr. Greg Roes
Mr. Mark Wild, Treasurer
Mrs. Debbie Estrem 


2008 Parade Board